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 Illinois Roofing License - Our Chicago Roofing School will prepare you well for an exam

Illinois requires contractor roofing specialists to obtain a state license before performing Illinois roofing work. Applicants must take and pass an Illinois roofing exam. Contractor License Training Center Inc. helps roofing and siding contractors to prepare you for this exam.

Register for state exam: DUE DATE: October 11th, 2019

Our next Roofing Test Preparation Class: November 4th – 8th, 2019

State Exam for Roofing License is November 13th, 2019

There are three different roofing examinations:
Residential (Limited License)
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial (Unlimited License)
Commercial/Industrial (Candidate must pass the Residential exam prior to taking this exam)

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We have also included additional information for those taking the Commercial and Industrial Roofing Exam, which is can be taken only by those who have already passed the Residential Exam.  The additional topics concern metal roofing systems, rigid board roof insulation, spray polyurethane foam, waterproofing, and dampproofing.

Mastery of roofing fundamentals and terms helps you to better determine and understand the context of the exam questions.  Whether you are new in the roofing business of or not, it is important for all test-takers to study these materials to master the fundamentals and terminology.