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Illinois Roofing School – The Benefits of Roofing School in Chicago

Did you know that in Illinois you are required to have a license to perform professional roofing?

Under the state of Illinois Roofing industry licensing act, all contractors who perform roof construction must obtain a license from the Department of Professional Regulation before offering roofing work. Yes, taking a test or exam can be scary, stressful, or give us anxiety but the benefits of getting your roofing license outweigh all the fears of taking an exam.

Our roofing classes are specially designed by experts in the industry whom are longtime professionals.

The class is full of daily quizzes and exams that closely resemble the real exam, and provides all the benefits of a student-teacher classroom that will assist you in comprehension of the material that will help excel your learning. Over 90% of your students pass the exam on their first try! So why should you bother?
Many contractors and roofers rely on their business history, word of mouth, and experience to build trust with a new client or customer. Having a certified license however is an even greater foundation to build this trust upon. It is one thing to stake your reputation to build a customer base but if there is a chance that customers can learn you don’t have a license, then your creditability will virtually be nonexistent.

Another benefit of gaining your roofing license in the state of Illinois is what all business owners strive to and that is profit. Once you are certified in Illinois with a Roofing license, the doors to higher paying jobs and contracts will become available to and more customers will be willing to spend more money on a project when they know that their contractor is certified and licensed.


Roofing School in Rockford

Roofing School for contractors in Rockford

Looking for Roofing School in Rockford to become a licensed roofer in Illinois?

To become a licensed roofer in the state of Illinois, you must first pass the roofing exam.

This can be a very daunting project. There is so much to know and so much to learn, how can you possibly know all of this in order to pass a test? Do you have the kind of money and time to dedicate to preparing for a test of this magnitude? Where can you go for help?

Roofing School in Rockford

Check out the Roofing School in Rockford. Actually the Roofing School is in Chicago, but it serves those desiring to become roofers from the Rockford area. Roofing classes for all Rockford contractors provide a great opportunity to be taught by some of the finest professional, who are much more than just teachers. They are professionals that have worked in the roofing profession. They know the material they teach, not just because they have read it, but because they were once where you are.

These roofing classes will teach you the specifics. The instructors are experienced and know what terms and vocabulary you must know and understand. They know what techniques, materials, and procedures you will be questioned about. So, whether you are preparing to pass the test to get a residential roofing license or preparing for the more in depth commercial and industrial roofing exam, roofing classes in Rockford will help you be able to pass the exams on the first try.

Pass Illinois Roofing Exam

There may not be a roofing school in Rockford, but there is one that has a proven track record nearby. The Chicago Roofing School makes obeying the law, and passing the roofing exam in Illinois, a painless and even borderline enjoyable experience. The instructors are pleasant, knowledgeable, professional, and practiced. They can answer questions and teach from experience, because they have worked in the field. They are also easy to relate to and it is not boring to sit through their classes. We only hire the best!

Let the roofing classes Rockford save you many hours of study time and thousands of dollars in study materials. Join us for classes that will prepare you to take the roofing exam in Illinois and pass it on the first try. The you can get to work doing what you really want to do.

No roofing school in Rockford? No roofing classes in Rockford?  No Problem! You can still take the classes for your roofing exam at our Chicago Roofing School.

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Roofing School in Peoria, IL


Don’t Despair Because There is No Roofing School in Peoria, IL.

If you live in the Peoria area you probably know that there are no roofing schools in Peoria. Don’t let that discourage you. Illinois has a law that says you must pass at least one of 3 roofing exams, depending on the type of roofing you plan to do. However, there is no requirement to take classes before taking these exams.

How to get Illinois Roofing Contractor License for roofing contractors lives in Peoria, Illinois.

You might be tempted to try and study the material they suggest on your own, and then take the test and hope you pass. Not only is this costly, it is very time consuming, and it will probably not give you the results that you are hoping for. A better option would be to take the classes offered at the Roofing School in Springfield or in Chicago.

Roofing classes in Peoria, IL

Roofing classes in Peoria would be nice because it would be more convenient, but the information that you get in these classes comes straight from the test. The instructors are professionals who know the material and know how to teach it so that you will have a greater chance of passing the exam, you just won’t be able to pass the roofing exam in Peoria. By taking the classes at the Roofing School you won’t be spending money on all of the “suggested” material. Instead you will be taught the material that is pertinent.The Roofing School is a great place to take classes that will help you learn the information that is going to be on the test. Then you can pass the required tests much more easily. With luck you will be able to pass the test on this first try, saving you both time and money.

No roofing school in Peoria? No roofing classes in Peoria? No roofing exam in Peoria? No Problem! You can still take the classes for your roofing exam at our Chicago Roofing School.


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How to pass Illinois Roofing Exam

Illinois Roofing License

How to pass Illinois Roofing Exam and get an Illinois Roofing License?

If you are prepared for Roofing Exam, you will not fail. Many roofing contractors  don’t realize that this is true and this means not waiting until the very last minute to do something that you know that is going to need to be done.

Education and training from our Illinois Roofing School is important to prepare you for the Illinois roofing license. When a person will decide to become a roofer. They will buy the tools, apprentice in the trade, perhaps even get to the point where they are starting to line up work. However, many roofing contractors  have forgotten one very important step; in order to get an Illinois roofing license you must first pass a roofing test.


Our Illinois Roofing School is preparing you to take the test. We know what you need to know and what will help you be able to pass the test. The roofing exam is required to get Illinois Roofing License. So let our professional instructors be your “guide”. We only hire the best, because we know that your passing the exam and getting your roofing license will be a reflection on the reputation of the Illinois Roofing School

Mastery of roofing fundamentals and terms helps you to better determine and understand the context of the exam questions.  Whether you are new in the roofing business of or not, it is important for all test-takers to study these materials to master the fundamentals and terminology.

Contact Us for your Illinois Roofing License.


Contractor License Training Center, Inc.
5440 N. Cumberland Ave, Suite 138, Chicago IL 60656
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Illinois Roofing Exam

Illinois Roofing Exam

Pass The Roofing Test, Get The Illinois Roofing License.

In Illinois you are required to pass a roofing test in order to get a residential roofing license. If your goal is to work doing more involved roofing projects such as commercial or structural roofing there is a more extensive roofing exam that you are required to pass. This requirement makes many would-be roofers cringe with dicouragement. But all they need to know is that there is help available from the instructors who teach at the roofing school.

The Chicago Roofing School

Our School offers classes that will take the student through all of the information that they will need to know for the Illinois Roofing Exam. They will not just feed the information to you in hopes that you will be able to remember it for the test. They will teach you using hands on methods. They will help you understand the whats, how, and whys of different roofing applications.

The classes for the roofing test are anything but boring. Our Roofing School has hired the finest professionals in the field to help you learn. They are interesting and engaging. They are there to see that you know and understand the material so that you can pass the test, obtain your roofing license, and get on with life.

Illinois Roofing Exam

In all of the years of their teaching they have learned that while there are many different versions of the test there is a similarity to all of them. The tests all have 80 multiple choice questions. There are some about terms that are common in the roofing industry that you must know and memorize because they will be on the test. Many questions however, require the student to sort through the information using their own knowledge about basic roofing theory. The biggest problem comes in because a lot of the questions are worded “trickily” and may be difficult to comprehend. The quality instructors know all of these pitfalls and can help prepare the student for these areas.

So whether you are considering a residential roofing license or a commercial license give yourself a break and enroll in the quality roofing classes offered by Chicago Roofing School. It will be the best time and money spent while trying to pass the examinations that are required to keep in compliance with Illinois law.

Getting a Roofing license in Illinois With Less Hassle


In Illinois it is required that you have to take classes that will help you pass a Illinois Roofing License Exam in order to get a roofing license.

You can go to Illinois Roofing School at the Contractor License Training Center and we will help you prepare and take the test.

Take the Roofing Class in Chicago and Springfield

For more than one year the roofing school has been a great place to go for help in learning the material you need for the exam, taking pretests to prepare you, and passing the roofing exam. Recently they expanded from their original Chicago site. They were seeing such success and realized that they can serve more of the good citizens of Illinois by opening a second roofing school in Springfield, Illinois. Now you have easy access to this great program no matter where you live in the state.

Getting a Roofing License in Illinois? First take Exam Preparation Course.

They can help you through this frustrating time. They will help you understand the fundamentals of roofing and prepare you to take the exam, or exams. The roofing school has worked with all roofing contractors who are top in the industry to prepare course materials that will prepare you for the test. They also recognize that the best way to overcome test anxiety is for you to be prepared and teachers will work hard at making sure you feel prepared. They offer opportunities to take pretests that will help you feel comfortable and confident. The Chicago Roofing School program boasts a very high rate of students who can pass the exam on their first try.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Exam Preparation Course.

If you need the more in depth training to study for the residential, commercial and industrial roofing exam they offer more in-depth classes that will help you in knowing how to do different styles of roofing and using the different materials that are required for commercial jobs. They will also teach and help you understand the different specs between residential and commercial roofing jobs.

So whether you are interested in just testing for a residential roofing license, or for the more involved commercial and industrial roofing exam, make sure that you take the time to get to know the fine people who want to help you succeed and get that license and get to work. Whether you go to the Roofing School in Chicago or in Springfield you will find trained professionals who take their job seriously, and are prepared to meet their goal of teaching you what you need to know so that you can take and pass the Illinois Roofing License Exam. Their only job is to see that you have the knowledge and skills to see that you are successful in passing the roofing exam.

Illinois State Roofing License

How to obtain State Roofing License and become Licensed Roofing Contractor in the State of Illinois

In the state of Illinois under the Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act, all contractors offering roof construction services must obtain a license from the Department of Professional Regulation before engaging in any work.

In order to obtain said license each contractor must undergo a rigorous examination designed to reflect current standards and practices utilized by the roofing industry. This roofing test comes in a few different forms depending on the zone types of the buildings you intend to service.

State of Illinois: Roofing License

The limited license comes in two different forms: the residential and the commercial/industrial. If you are just getting your license then you will have to start with the limited residential before you can obtain additional licensures. The limited license roofing test consists of 80 questions that must be answered within a 90 minute time limit. The unlimited license allows work to be conducted for both residential and commercial/industrial roofing projects and consists of 130 questions and a 2.5 hour time limit. The unlimited license roofing exam may only be attempted after reviewing both limited licensures.

If you’re planning on filing an application for an exam and license be aware that you must provide proof of liability insurance as well as workers compensation and unemployment insurances if you have employees.

Roofing Exam Test

Taking a test, no matter what it’s for, is always going to bring up feelings of anxiety for all except a lucky few. If you’re not in that minority then preparing for a test such as this one can be quite the daunting task. The roofing exams cover a great deal of material and in order to do well you should prepare in a way that reinforces the knowledge needed to pass. Our roofing preparation course was designed by industry leading professionals to go over exactly everything you’ll need to know in a decisive and easy to process way. We have conducted years of research in order to find the best ways to provide you with the knowledge and fundamentals to not only obtain your state license, but to translate it into a meaningful and profitable enterprise.

We know the best way to quell test anxiety is to be as prepared as possible. Our roofing preparation course utilizes several teaching apparatuses in order to assist you including practice examinations designed to mock the state exams. The instructors here at Chicago Roofing School have only one job: to make sure you pass your roofing exam.

Roofers Training Courses in Springfield

Roofing Test Preparation

Roofers Training Courses in Springfield, Illinois will help you pass the Illinois Roofing Test. Our courses are designed to help you pass The Roofing exams – whether you have roofing experience or not!

If you are interested in becoming a roofing contractor in Illinois, you will need to follow the guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation in order to become certified contractor.

Roofers Training Courses – Springfield, IL

The instructors at the Springfield Roofing School have created their course based on information from the National Association of Roofing Contractors as well as other experienced professionals and publications. It has been specifically designed to help you pass the Illinois roofing license exams for residential roofing and commercial and industrial roofing.

There is more than one roofing exam available. To learn about each exam and the information required to pass them, a roofing class is recommended. Our Training Center in Springfield can help you train for the roofing exam and give you the information needed to pass your test and become certified. Initially the Illinois Roofing School had only one instructional center, located in Chicago. Now there is a new location in Springfield, to make it easier for Springfield residents to take part in these classes.

At the Roofing School in Springfield you will be able to test for three separate certifications.

There is the Roofing Residential Limited License, the Roofing Residential/Roofing Commercial/Roofing Industrial Unlimited License and the Roofing Commercial/Industrial License. Before testing for the full Commercial/Industrial license, the Residential Roofing License exam must be passed.

Many experienced roofers have found this class to be useful for passing what is acknowledged by many to be a strenuous testing experience from the state of Illinois. It is a practical way to understand the terminology discussed in the certification exams.

Contact our Roofing Training School for more information about the process and class starting times and dates (click here).


Get Illinois Roofing License

Roofing License in Illinois

Did you know that the state of Illinois, like most other states, require that you have a license before you can do roofing jobs in the state?

This is not just for the customers protection, but also for the training and protection of the roofer. Many time it is hard to take the time off work for these classes and testing. let alone the money it takes for the test. It is hard to pay for classes when you aren’t making money by missing work.

That’s why Chicago Roofing School may be the perfect answer for you. Our Roofing School is a good option if you need to get that license and don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to learn and guess what is going to be on your tests. They have been in this business for a long time and have learned what material they need to teach you so that you will be able to take the licensing tests with little apprehension. They are there to help make this experience as painless and satisfying as possible.

The Roofing Exam Preparation Course.

This course is available to anyone who is planning on taking any of the three roofing exams. If you are just going to do the residential roofing and only need that limited license then they have a roofing exam preparation class that will fit that need. However if you are interested in doing residential, industrial as as well as commercial then you will need an unlimited license.

In order to obtain the unlimited license an applicant must first pass the residential license test first. This is why the Chicago Roofing School is the option that many reefing specialists choose to take. You can work with professionals who have the best training and knowledge available through the roofing exam preparation courses.

These classes are available for a nominal fee and can be arranged to work in your schedule because they understand that you aren’t taking these classes for fun. you are taking them because you want to be a professional and do a professional job with the appropriate licences and education to back you up.